Amateur Food Addict With Passion

fb_img_1488730416772My passion for food started at a very young age with my mom introducing me to the cooking world. It all started with a simple homemade tomato sauce, which according to her is the basic for cooking. The education came quickly and the passion for food was born at the early age of 10.

Unfortunately, mom wouldn’t let me go to culinary school as she knew how hard and time consuming the job was, and not to say how expensive it is for a single mom of 3 girls to afford such schooling.
So I ended up going to business school, which I finished and immediately started working for a big international accounting firm. But 7 years later after joining the working business world, my passion still subsists and becomes even bigger while the years keep passing. For me cooking is a way to escape from the daily pressure and stress, I come alive when I’m cooking.

I would describe my cooking as fast, easy, savory and sensual with a touch of love and passion.
The creator blessed me with this talent and passion that I had to share it with the world. My dream is to inspire people with my cooking.

I want to thank you for all the love and support in this new chapter in my life. I especially want to thank one person in particular, a person who has inspired me to do something with this passion burning inside of me.

Please enjoy, get inspired, and don’t forget to be happy with even the smallest things in life. Always be thankful.
Stay blessed.


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